AV-USA - San Antonio TX  - Phone 210-844-4306 - Contact: Steve Castillo

Overhead & Accessories

Microphones & Mixers

Overhead Projector Podium, Lav, Table or Standing Mic.
High Intensity Overhead Projector UHF Wireless Microphone (Hand or Lav)
Acetate Sheets


UHF Wireless Headset
Acetate Visual Markers

(210) 844-4306

4ch. - 24ch. Audio Mixers

Document Camera

Video Cameras

P.A./Sound Systems

Canon Pro Document Camera

SVHS/VHS Camcorders w/ tripod  

Small Powered Speaker w/ Stand

Wolfvision Compact

Handheld Digital Camera's

 Audience Systems (Custom Config.)  

35mm Slide Projectors

Digital Camera's w/ Studio Config.

Clearcom Headset System

35mm Slide Projector w/ Remote

Computer/Data Displays

Audio Players/Recorders

35mm Wireless Remote Control

17" SVGA Monitor

Dual Cassette Player

Bright Light Module Accessory

20" SVGA Monitor

Stereo Cassette Recorder

35mm Carousel's

42" - 50" Monitors

5 Disc CD Player

Short or Long Throw Lenses

VGA Components

MP3 Player/Recorder

Conference Accessories

VGA Distribution Amps

Dual Cassette/CD Player
Podium (Standing Lecterns)

VGA Switchers

Teleconference System

Flipchart Easel

VGA Scan Converter

ClearOne Hybrid Unit
Flipchart Pad (Paper)


32"-54" Media Carts

Video/Data Projectors

5' to 8' Tripod Screens
Projection Tables

LCD 800x600 (750-1000 lumens)

6'x8' Fastfold Screen
Laser Pointers

LCD 1024x768 (2000-5000 lumens)

7.5'x10' Fastfold Screen
Walkie Talkies

Video Accessories

9'x12' Fastfold Screen
Cue Light

Video Distribution Amp

10.5'x14' Screen
Speaker Timer

Video Switcher

Screen Dress Kits (Black Velour)

Video Monitors

Video Scaler

Labor Rates
13" Video Monitor

Audio Visual Packages

Specialists-T/D, L/D, V1 (10hr. call)

26" Video Monitor

Flipchart Easel w/ Pad & Markers


Overtime after 10 hour call per day  

27" Video Monitor

Overhead Projector, Screen, Stand


General Set-up Techs (4 hr min.)  


Video Player/Recorders

35mm Proj., Screen, Stand, Wireless Remote


Conference Support Techs (4 hr min.)

VHS Player/Recorder

27" Monitor, VHS/DVD, Stand


Weekend rates for hourly techs.  

Dual DVD/VHS Player


Midnight to 6:00 AM for hourly techs.

DVD Player/Recorder

Laptop Notebooks w/ MSXP, DVD

Holiday rate for hourly techs.  


List is not representative of a complete equipment inventory.  Please call if an item needed is not listed we can get it.  

Rates are flexible depending on current demand and availability at time of inquiry.  

Prices subject to change without notice.  Rates listed are effective as of September, 1 2009